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Automotive Applications

Different types of the rubber products are used in automobile for various applications. There are mainly two types of the automotive rubber products. So-called weatherstrip parts fill the space between body and other parts to secure the air tightness, thus preventing water, sound and dust from entry. They also absorb the door opening/closing shock, and prevent vibration, etc.
The weatherstrip parts have the important function of improving the outside appearance of automobile from a cosmetic point of view.
On the other hand, various functions and performances are required for the so-called hose related parts.
(1) Functions and performances that are required by the operating environment (inner fluid, surrounding environment, etc.)
(2) Functions and performances that are required by the installation condition (peripheral part, mating pipe, etc.)
(3) Other functions and performances (internal pressure, etc.)

Steering wheel
Roof rail
Roof panel
Trunk lid
Rear spoiler
Front fender panel
Body side molding
Quarter window
Rear apron

Body Related Parts

Body Related Parts
Radiator grille seal
Hood seal
Door weather strip
Locker seal

Lamp Related Parts

End rubber
Rubber seals

Glass Related Parts

Glass Related Parts
Window dam
Quarter glass seal
Sliding roof
Cushion instrument panel
Window frame

Engine Room

Engine Room
Radiator hose
Air cleaner intake hose
Turbo air intake hose
Ventilation hose
Protectors (solid and sponge)