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Rubber Production Work Flow and Equipment

Determinations to Be Made at the Product Development Stage

Since we have started our research, development and manufacturing of industrial rubber products 80 years ago, there have been numerous breakthroughs. All of our accumulated experiences from formulation to production enable us to manufacture the high quality product to customer's satisfaction.
Our company is ready to develop the industrial rubber product in compliance with the customer's requirements throughout our entire stage starting from the rubber compound formation design that is unique to our company, verifying the required product specifications up to design verification.

    Simulation for Selecting Zipper Gasket for Building


Preparation of Formulation and Raw Materials Optimal materials are prepared not only for the general industrial rubber but also for the special purpose rubber while taking our unique compounding technology into consideration.
Zipper gasket
Window barrier
AT material
Gasket for PC

Rubber Characteristics

Preparation of Formulation and Raw MaterialsWide range of raw rubber are prepared from EPDM having high weathering resistance, the nitrile rubber (NR) having high oil resistance up to the special fluoro-rubber to suit client demand.
NR: Natural rubber
CR: Chloroprene rubber
EPDM: Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber
Q: Silicone rubber
BR: Butadiene rubber
SBR: Styrene-butadiene rubber
NBR: Nitrile rubber
FKM: Fluoro-rubber
IIR: Butyl rubber
U: Urethane rubber
ACM: Acrylic rubber

Mechanical Properties

Investigation on the Demand Performance New material can be development to supply the rubber that can withstand the severe environment from minus 40 degrees to 140 degrees or even more severe condition.
Tensile strength

Impact elasticity
Compression set
Tear strength
Abrasion resistance
Flex-crack resistance

Physical Properties

Physical Performance : Investigation on the Demand Performance Sponge with low compression-reaction (low load value),
Low elongation (difficult to stretch) rubber,
Low impact elasticity rubber,
Low compression set rubber.
We will develop the formulation and compounding ingredients that meet the client demand and requested performance.
Heat-resisting property
Low-temperature resisting property
Anti-aging property
Weathering resistance property
Ozone resistance property
Flame-resistance property

Electrical insulation property
Gas anti-permeation property
Radiation resistance property

Compounding ingredients

Compound formation design in compliance with customer's need and required performance The compound formation is designed in compliance with customer's need and required performance.
Vulcanizing agent (cross-linking agent)
Vulcanizing accelerator
Rubber stiffener
Rubber softener

Forming agent
Rubber flame retardant

Production Line

Our production line is based on the "Kanban System" centered on the Toyota Production System to manufacture products according to customers' demands by eliminating waste.
-> Kneading
-> Extrusion
-> Inspection
-> Shipment