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Rubber Production Work Flow and Equipment

Development and Design Process

Pursuing the rubber potential to the maximum

During the development stage, the development meeting and prototype production are repeated many times until the required performance characteristics can be obtained. The challenges of new technology enable us to manufacture the optimal products in compliance with the customers’ needs. Because it is Hokusay Rubber Industry that contains all the processes from development, design up to manufacturing inside a company, we can supply quality products exactly in compliance with customer requirements.

Development Meeting

The performance and characteristics
that are required for the developing
products are investigated from all aspects.
Investigation Items

Product Design

The chemical materials are selected, the shape is determined and the processing method is developed to realize the required performance.

System Design

Systems engineering is fully used to reduce the production cost.

Prototype Design

Prototype is designed while taking the quality and flow of production line into consideration.

Trial production for final product

The trial production is repeated under the cooperation between the design engineers and production engineers.


Various tests are conducted to check that the performance values specified at the engineering design stage are realized.
Building Material Testing Center